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Pole mounting Load Break Switch


Isotech is a leading & long-serving manufacturer of Medium-Voltage panels, power distribution switchgear & equipments etc. Isotech got established in the year 1998 ensured from its inception to have well defined course of action in place to give timeous and quality services to our customers.

The company is also working in close cooperation with European manufacturers for manufacturing and distribution of Medium voltage power distribution switchgear and panels. We have also introduced its new technology based Vacuum Circuit Breaker.

We are in the field of Electrical Engineering for Installation and Trading of High Voltage electrical equipment. In 90’s we started manufacturing Low voltage Control Panels and have been doing electrical installations on Turn-Key basis including 11 KV sub-station for Industries, Hospitals, Residential buiidings, Schools and Hotels all over the State of Haryana. Adjoining to this we have been supplying metering panels, measuring, testing equipment and protection Switchgear incorporating latest technologies to Industries and electricity boards.


What is load breaking switch?

A load break switch is a disconnect switch that has been designed to provide making or breaking of specified currents. ... These switches are used to de-energize or energize a circuit that possesses some limited amount of magnetic or capacitive current, such as transformer exciting current or line charging currents.

How much current can a load break switch interrupt?

In North American practice, approved general-purpose low-voltage fuses must interrupt at least 10,000 amperes. Types used in commercial and industrial low-voltage distribution systems are rated to safely interrupt 200,000 amperes.

What is the advantage of a load break switch?

Load break switch with vacuum circuit breaker is more reliable option. Load break switch with spring mechanism are generally provided with Fuse protection. And hence, every time a fault occurs, fuse needs to be replaced.

Can load break switches be opened while energized?

They should not be operated while the circuit in which they are connected is energized, but only after the circuit is deenergized. As a further precaution, they may be opened by means of an insulated stick that helps the operator keep a distance from the switch.

What does a load break do?

A load break switch is designed to switch the power “on or off” or change the position when the transformer is energized (meaning it has a load on it) and the switch will break it. ... The 2 Position Switch is exactly what it sounds like: on or off.

What is an Medium voltage (MV) switch?

MVS (load interrupter) switchgear is an integrated assembly of switches, bus, and fuses that are coordinated electrically and mechanically for medium voltage circuit protection. ... MVS switchgear meets or exceeds the following industry standards: ANSI/IEEET C37. 20.3, ANSI C37. 22, ANSI C37. 57, ANSI C37.

What is a medium voltage?

Medium Voltage (MV) is typically defined as the range of 600-100,000V. In standard voltages, this includes 4160V systems up to 69kV systems even though most equipment ratings stop at 38kV.

What does an interrupter switch do?

An interrupter in electrical engineering is a device used to interrupt the flow of a steady direct current for the purpose of converting a steady current into a changing one.

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