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Dropout Fuse Unit

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What is drop out fuse?

Drop Out Fuses are protection devices that protect networks and equipment from current surges and overloads. An overcurrent will melt the fuse element in the carrier disconnecting the line or equipment. They also provide network isolation points when manually operated with a hot stick.

What is Rewirable fuse?

Rewireable Fuses are the fuse carriers that contain a length of fuse wire, which is wrapped around the terminals, covering the space between carriers and pins, to complete the circuit. It is used in interrupting the circuit in conditions like over-current or short-circuits.

Where is drop out fuse used?

Drop Out Fuse. The dropout (swing out) fuse is an expulsion type and its main function is to protect Transformers on rural distribution network. It is also particularly useful for inaccessible Sub-stations where indication of fusing is of advantage.

We are a renowned name engaged in offering Dropout Fuses, low voltage products . Our offered Dropout Fuses are characterized by the fuse-carrier automatically dropping into a position, which provides an isolating distance after the fuse has been operated. Our offered fuses are used to protect transformer on rural distribution network. The offered entire range of fuses is available in various sizes.

  • Versatile

  • Cost-effective

  • Optimum finish

Product details:
11 / 22 / 33 KV

  • Outdoor Expulsion type

  • Drop Out Fuse with Channel base

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