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Pole Mounting Isolator


We are manufacturing 11kv,800A,26.3kA Outdoor Pole Mounted Air Break Isolators, Medium Voltage Products These Pole Mounting Isolators are used in Sub Stations.
These Pole Mounting Isolators are type tested at CPRI.


What is Isolator ?

1 The isolator shall be outdoor type, three phase, double break, center rotating type suitable for manual operation. All isolators as given in the schedule of requirements shall be suitable for horizontal upright mounting on structure or P.C.C. pole structures.

What is the function of isolator?

An isolator is a device used for isolating a circuit or equipment from a source of power. An isolator is a mechanical switching device that, in the open position, allows for isolation of the input and output of a device.

Does isolator have current rating?

Isolator switches are designed with maximum current ratings - i.e. the highest level of current at which they will operate safely. This can range from as little as six amps up to 200 amps, via mid-range models between 20A and 50A.

Do isolator switches have fuses?

An isolator is an isolator, and a fuse is a fuse. Most bathroom fans are run of the lighting circuit, the fan isolator is a three pole device so that fans with timer functions that have a permanent live supply can be safely isolated for servicing.

What is a High-Voltage isolator?

High-voltage isolation switches are used in electrical substations to allow isolation of apparatus such as circuit breakers, transformers, and transmission lines, for maintenance. ... In some designs, the isolator switch has the additional ability to earth the isolated circuit thereby providing additional safety.

isolators in 33/11 kv substation ?

For 33 kV, horizontal type isolating switches are used. The rated normal current is 630 A at 36 kV. For 11 kV, both horizontal and vertical mounting isolating switches of 400 Amps at 12 kV are used. Earthing switches are provided at various locations to facilitate maintenance.

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