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Why Solar Energy ?

- Green and Clear energy
- Reliable and Maintenance free
- Easy to upgrade
- Saving fuel
- Emergency solution
- Savings energy
- Tax benefits
- Long life
- No noise
- Easy to operate
- Pollution free
- Cost effective
- Environment benefits

Payback period

- 3-5 years when electricity is replaced

- 6-8 years when furnace oil is replaced

- 7-9 years when coal is replaced

Our products range is as following 

- Roof top mounting structures

- Roof top structures for Flat Roofs and sloped roofs.

- Ground mounting structures for solar power plants

- Profiles for Solar power plants

- Roll forming profiles

- Super structures for Extra Height Clearences

- Special structure as per customer specification



     - CR Sheet

     - HR Steel

     - Galvanized steel

     - Special steel


     - 1.2 mm to 4 mm


     - As per customer specifications and approved drawings

Available in following variations and surface finish

- Pre Galvanized sheet structures (GP sheets)

- Hot Dip Galvanized 

- Special sheet for longer rust free life

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